Welcome to HotelWithHotTub.com, the premier destination for travelers who cherish the luxury of a warm soak after a day of adventures. I’m Maxwell Harrington, the driving force behind this passion project, and together with my beloved wife, Josephine, we’ve journeyed to find the world’s best hotel hot tub experiences.

Our Inspiration:

The spark for HotelWithHotTub.com ignited during one of our trips where Josephine and I found solace and rejuvenation in a private hotel jacuzzi overlooking a serene landscape. Josephine’s love for jacuzzis, combined with our shared wanderlust, set us on a quest. We aimed to discover accommodations that promise more than just a room – but an experience, enhanced by the warm embrace of a hot tub.

What We Offer:

At HotelWithHotTub.com, we celebrate the fusion of luxury travel with the simple pleasure of a hot tub soak. Our platform showcases:

  • Boutique hotels with private jacuzzi suites.
  • Majestic resorts boasting grand hot tubs with stunning vistas.
  • Hidden gems where the hot tub experience is nothing short of magical.

Our Commitment:

Every property and hot tub experience featured on our website has been personally vetted by Josephine and me. From the ambiance of the tub setting, the quality of the water, to the panoramic views, we ensure that our recommendations meet the highest standards of luxury and comfort.

A Splash of Personal Touch:

Traveling has taught us that the best moments often come from the simplest experiences. For Josephine, a day, no matter how exhausting or exhilarating, finds its perfect conclusion in the soothing bubbles of a jacuzzi. Through HotelWithHotTub.com, we invite you to discover and indulge in these exceptional moments.

Join Our Journey:

We’re always eager to hear from fellow travelers! Whether you have a recommendation, a hidden gem to share, or feedback about our selections, your insights are invaluable to our community. Dive into the world of luxurious relaxation with us!

Warmly, Maxwell & Josephine

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